Cactus Pin Cushion

One can never have too many pincushions. I have a lot of fun making smaller craft projects for a few reasons: #1 - I can finish them in a short amount of time #2 - They make great gifts #3 - I'm usually able to use materials I have on-hand for the majority of the project.

Make these cute Cactus Pin Cushions in just an hour or two.

Let's get started! Download the template here.  


  • 1/3 yard of Minky or Cuddle fabric
  • 6" x 6" square of felt
  • Polyfill or Fiberfill (stuffing for the cactus)
  • Sew Complete or similar all-purpose sewing thread
  • Thick thread or embroidery floss for decorative details
  • Sewing pins
  • Hand needle
  • 2 small buttons
  • 3" x 3" square of Peltex interface (a thicker interface is more stable but regular Pellon will work)
  • Hot glue gun + glue
  • 1 handful of sand or rice
  • Chocolate. You never know how hungry you'll get!

Cutting Instructions

Using the printed template and Minky or Cuddle fabric, cut out the 2 large cactus pieces (C1), one reversed, 1 cactus base circle (C2), and 1 circle (C3). From the Peltex or Pellon, cut 1 cactus base circle (C2). From the felt, cut 4 flowers (F1).

Sewing Instructions

Because Minky-type fabric can be a little challenging to sew on, use a walking foot if you have one for your machine.
Take the two large cactus sides and place a dot on the wrong sides of the fabric (see template for dot location). Place the right sides together, pin in place, and stitch around the edge with a 1/4" seam allowance. 
As you round the tall arm of the cactus, stitch down to the large dot and back before turning. This will make the corner stronger. 

Stitch around the entire cactus body except for the bottom, as you’ll need that open for the stuffing. When complete, snip the corners to allow the arms to be free, but be careful not to cut into your seams! 

Fold the cactus base circle (c2) in half and place 2 pins on each side, marking the halfway point. Now pin the base circle to the body of the cactus all the way around, stretching the fabric if needed.

Turn the cactus right side out and stuff with fiberfill or polyfill. I don't recommend stuffing it until it bursts, but you want enough for the body to be able to hold itself up.  Now that the cactus is full of fluff, let's make the weighted base.
Start by threading a hand needle and sew a running stitch around perimeter of the circle (C3) (don't cut the thread yet). Once you have a running stitch in place, place a handful of sand or rice in the center of the circle and pull the string tight. Tie a few knots to keep the fabric from opening up, as this will be the weight that helps keep the cactus upright.

Put the weight ball inside in the cactus body followed by the Peltex circle C2 and hand-stitch the bottom closed.

To add extra details to the cactus, thread a hand needle with thick thread or embroidery floss and tie off little bits of thread while passing the needle through the body. Cut these strands to about 1/2" long and repeat throughout the body of the Cactus.

Finish by adding the felt flowers and buttons with a hot glue gun. Place your pins and now you're done! Now it’s time for that chocolate ☺